Tweepforce clients running tweet-to-buy and tweet-to-reserve campaigns have available to them several useful Twitter tools and features to streamline the entire process for their customers.

Profile Management

With profile management, companies can build their profiles with common variables, such as main Twitter accounts. They can set up their Twitter shop, manage their payment channels to collect payment on Twitter, and more. Twitter accounts, payment channels, and contact information of businesses are collected in advance so that when campaigns are built, data can be immediately populated.

Twitter Accounts

Choose a primary and secondary Twitter accounts to send and receive tweets

Company Details

List your business contact information and location. When your campaign is built, data can be available right away

Payment Options

Choose and manage your payment channels in advance to receive payment via Twitter

Personal Details

Let your customers know who to thank for doing business! You can include your name, managers’ names, customer support personnel names, etc.

Product Management

The product management module helps companies maintain all products and services they sell on Twitter via their Twitter shops, including images, video, and location.

Dianne Jenkins


@ShopToday #PutARingOnIt Jewelry stores near Broadview Avenue

Integrate images and videos about your product for customers to view

Input product information in advance for immediate data availability

Input product information in advance for immediate data availability

Leverage products on Twitter easily and quickly to present timely information tweets to customers

Campaign Management

The TweepForce campaign management module allows businesses to set rules for tweet-to-buy and tweet-to-collect campaigns, and also offers a test portal so that businesses can test campaigns before going live. For example:

Customers use a designated hashtag to reserve products

Rules for product discovery, delivery and payments are set

Rules for bookings and payments reminders are determined by you

Rules for promoting campaigns organically or via Twitter advertising are set


With live stats, the Dashboard enables businesses to track the progress and ROI of their campaigns. Based on the information collected, businesses can build their future campaigns. All information on the Dashboard is downloadable so that businesses can integrate to their CRMs and financial systems. TweepForce makes Twitter ecommerce effective, profitable, and simple to manage.

Live stats enable you to track campaigns in real time

Use data generated to build successful future campaigns

Integrate dashboard information to your current CRM or financial system

All data and information on the dashboard can be downloaded

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