Who should use TweepForce?
Our web-based social commerce platform is for digital agencies and brands as well as social media management teams, in-house marketing teams, and those who manage the accounts of businesses and brands for reputation management, business development, and customer support. The tool is very easy to set up, from which your business reaps immediate benefits.
Why should businesses use TweepForce and what is the return of investment (ROI)?
TweepForce is a real-time web-hosted SAAS tool that allows businesses to leverage the ever-expanding Twitter world, with its 300m+ active users and 1 billion tweets every two days. The unique aspect of TweepForce is that the customers initiate conversation, rather than businesses randomly pushing ads, which can be viewed as spam. This results in increased business leads, higher conversions, and more satisfied customers.
How can TweepForce campaigns be set up?
Login with your Twitter account, and choose your package. Set your campaigns, add your dataset, and TweepForce magic starts; view analytics and download reports, too with our Twitter ecommerce tools.>
Are you a Twitter partner?
No; However, we use their open source API and strictly abide their T’s &C’s in order to make sure that businesses are not at risk when using our tool.

How Can business access TweepForce admin area?
Businesses can access the TweepForce backend or admin area via the web, and can login using their Twitter accounts. Once they are logged in, it is very easy to set up campaigns, link to data sources, test services, and add more users to access services.
How can my business link its product data source to TweepForce services?
Businesses can load their data using a CSV file, via the web interface or by integrating their APIs to TweepForce.
How can my business integrate TweepForce analytics data to our CRM?
As our clients sell on Twitter, data we collect about consumers’ profiles, interactions, and intentions can be downloaded in CSV format. In addition, we will soon be launching our own API, which businesses can directly link to their API.
We already have a mobile app; why should we use TweepForce?
Apps heavily rely on Internet connection, smart devices, and GPS connections, which means they might not be accessible all the time. On the other hand, TweepForce leverages the Twitter platform, which means businesses can provide services anytime, anywhere, on any devices (even SMS-enabled devices can access Twitter).
What would the customer journey be like when brands set up a tweet to buy/reserve campaign?
Customers buy or secure your products and services through Twitter with TweepForce:

  • The customer tweets to your brand to check product availability
  • The business tweets back with product and service information o Including a hashtag to reserve product o Link to buy product
  • The customer replies to the tweet with an intention to book or buy
  • The business books the service or product, or provides a motivated single-click purchase opportunity, and sends and acknowledgement via Twitter
How can brands can set up tweet-to-reserve and tweet-to-buy campaigns?
Start the campaign with a Twitter handler that brands like customers to @mention to find their products:

  • Add / link products your brand wants to sell on twitter
  • Set up rules for: o how customers can find your products o how customers can reserve your products o how customer pay for your products o how customers will get the product confirmation message o how customer will get delivery o non-booking and non-payment reminders
  • Verify campaign on our test portal
  • Go Live!
How can business set up a TweepForce account to sell on Twitter?
Register on TweepForce (get started for free!)

  • Add Business basic and Contact information
  • Add Twitter handler for commerce
  • Add payment details to receive and refund money from and to customers
  • We will help you every step of the way
Can I integrate my call center/booking agent with your API so I can confirm reservations or propose new times and dates for reservations?
Yes, you can integrate your call center or booking agent with our technology so that you can determine how to respond to a customer tweet. All interactions can be automated with our technology, but when a human is required to dynamically reply to a customer tweet, we can route those tweets directly to you or your call center via SMS, phone call or email with Twilio.

Setting Up and Using a TweepForce Campaign for Twitter Ecommerce is Easy!
  • Set up your campaign to target potential customers
  • Customers tweet to collect, reserve, or buy your product
  • You can set up a loyalty point campaign
  • Set reservation terms and conditions/payment or refund mechanism/point redeem terms and conditions
  • Use your dashboard as often as you need for in-depth monitoring and analytics