Twitter Keeps Surprising Brands with new updates Like Tweet within tweet & Buy Now Button

Twitter Keeps Surprising Brands with new updates Like Tweet within tweet & Buy Now Button

Through our blog, we keeps brands update with Twitter progress especially any development that can help businesses for commerce, marketing and product development. No doubt Twitter is one of the most open and evolving social networks among its contemporary and therefore, hardly a month goes by when Twitter platform has not updates. For example recently there are two updates, which can be very helpful for brands to develop their business further.

1: Twitter now allows to link tweet with in tweet

Twitter now allows to link tweet within a tweet which means no longer will users have to navigate around from Tweet to Tweet when looking to find the reference of a linked Tweet. The way it works that in the Twitter app, users can paste a link to a previous Tweet, and when it is gone live, it will become an integrated Tweet. This will help tidy-up the linking process while summing up more contexts to an update.

Takeaway for business:
Embedded tweets option can be very useful for digital marketers such as the ability to use this as a reply for a customer. Where Instead of requiring users to click from one tweet to another, they can see instant context and allows users to see full Tweets conversation in one click.

2: Buy Now Button Briefly Appears on Twitter

Apparently shopping within your Twitter Timeline will become reality. A new “Buy now” button displayed on many tweets, all of which included products that link back to a shopping site called Fancy.

The tweets were first identified by tech-news site Recode, and while the buttons appear in both the Timeline and Twitter cards view, however, nothing happens when users actually click on the button. The button only appears on Twitter mobile app, and doesn’t appear on Twitter’s web version

Takeaway for business:
Including buying options to Timeline seems like a certain win for Twitter. Especially when Users are used to of both ads and image previews by now, so the integration of a “Buy now” button wouldn’t be very out of way addition. It would give an option to brand users to buy stuff instantly on Twitter. However, Tweet on timeline with “Buy Now” button may not necessarily prompt users to buy stuff as real time nature of twitter implies that the user is more engage in a live event than shopping intent.

We do not really want to praise around our tool as more appropriate option for twitter commerce but it’s on demand nature for twitter commerce stands it out from Twitter “Buy Now” option.

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