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TweepForce is Officially Launching!

TweepForce is Officially Launching!

TweepForce is a suite of Twitter e-commerce tools for businesses, digital agencies, and digital in-house teams who recognize the power and potential of tapping into the social media market in a new, game-changing way via Twitter.

More than 300 million people use Twitter on a daily basis; it’s an enormous market that has been largely void of e-commerce capabilities, until now. With TweepForce, businesses are able to make their products and services available for purchase and for reservation to customers – right through Twitter.

What is TweepForce?

TweepForce is a self-service suite of Twitter tools that allows businesses to sell their goods and services to customers. Businesses can make products available for purchase and/or for reservation, and customers can easily and quickly complete transactions using hashtags that are designated by the businesses.

By using TweepForce for Twitter e-commerce, businesses are able to measure and manage customer information, they are empowered by automating yet personalizing Twitter engagement, they generate leads and follow up in real time, increase conversions, and are able to leverage the power of Twitter e-commerce – all with the easy-to-use TweepForce Twitter tools.

What Kinds of Businesses Use TweepForce?

Any brand that wants to enable their customers to buy and/or reserve products through Twitter can benefit from teaming up with TweepForce, which offers a viable, profitable solution for businesses in any niche, and in any industry.

Restaurants can allow customers to reserve tables; entertainment venues can make access to tickets available; shops can enable customers to purchase goods – the possibilities are endless with TweepForce. Brands running tweet-to-buy and tweet-to-reserve campaigns are able to actively control their campaigns with tools for profile management, product management, campaign management, and more.

Read up on a few case studies of actual TweepForce clients and see what TweepForce does to help their businesses reach the millions of potential customers that use Twitter every day.

Why Should Digital Agencies Use TweepForce?

TweepForce has opened up the Twitter market to businesses and agencies who want to improve sales conversions, increase traffic, and save money on advertising. Brands that use the TweepForce suite of Twitter tools stand out from the competition, as they are able to offer a unique, powerful sales delivery channel.

In addition, digital agencies that use TweepForce are able to offer new, industry-leading channels to use for driving sales – something that established brands with larger budgets are constantly searching for. It’s the big-budget companies that are looking for agencies that can offer an alternative to the same old marketing ploys – they’re looking for brands that use TweepForce.

For many companies, businesses, and agencies, the marketing portion of the budget is huge – sometimes astronomical. Unfortunately, much of that budget is spent on marketing techniques, methods, and tactics that either don’t attract enough of an audience or attract the wrong type of audience – the type that isn’t interested. One unique aspect about TweepForce is that it enables the customer to initiate the conversation, instead of the other way around.

In this manner, marketing budgets used for TweepForce aren’t spent creating and pushing ads randomly that can cost millions of dollars, only to be ignored or brushed aside by consumers who aren’t interested. Instead, agencies that use TweepForce are able to spend less on a marketing channel that is more effective, and is also customer-initiated. Instead of paying millions to push non-focused ads all over the Internet, with TweepForce, businesses are able to increase sales and ultimately, their ROIs, thanks to a controlled, powerful marketing channel.

The mobile market is huge, and Twitter commands an enormous number of users. 80% of those who use Twitter do so right from their mobile phones and devices, so TweepForce is the ideal suite of tools to turn that usage into sales! Agencies can even white label TweepForce offerings, which means they are able to offer their own clients the ability to cater to the millions of mobile Twitter users, increase their mobile following, gamify product discovery and reap the benefits of increasing their presence in the mobile marketplace.

Businesses, digital agencies, and in-house digital marketing teams who want to take a new, profitable approach with e-commerce rely on TweepForce to create analytics-driven campaigns that are targeted, customer-initiated, and focused. From drastically reducing the marketing budget to increasing sales conversions, businesses reach no limit when they use TweepForce as their Twitter marketing tool. Get started for free today.

How Twitter’s direct messaging features can benefit businesses

How Twitter’s direct messaging features can benefit businesses

If you commonly use Twitter, you may have noticed a recent subtle change to Twitter’s direct messaging feature. What “subtle change”? Well, whereas direct messages could previously only be sent on Twitter by and to users who follow each other and by users to other users who follow them, a new setting means that Twitter users can now choose to receive direct messages from any other user. The number and nature of all of the implications of this change remain unclear, but we reckon that many businesses using Twitter could benefit from it; below, we explain precisely how.

A great new feature for businesses – provided they don’t spam

The new setting can be enabled by a user who, at their Twitter settings, clicks to enable a tick in the box alongside the sentence “If you check this option, any Twitter user that follows you will be able to send you a DM, regardless of whether you decide to follow them back.” Once a business using Twitter enables this setting, they can enjoy having more direct, one-to-one relationships with each of their customers who seek to contact them on Twitter. They can also use TweepForce engagements and direct message other Twitter users who have enabled the aforementioned setting. However, they should avoid spamming through direct messaging, as Twitter have recently taken steps to sort out the problem of common direct message spamming.

Businesses can learn from two Twitter DM experiments

Two Twitter accounts recently set up and used experimentally by Twitter hint at how businesses could more effectively engage with customers. The two Twitter accounts are those of @MagicRecs and @eventparrot; though they serve slightly different purposes, they both direct message their followers with recommendations, @MagicRecs sending recommendations on what Twitter users to follow and @eventparrot sending recommendations on what breaking news stories to read. Businesses can be inspired by these experiments by using Twitter to both identify new potential customers and then recommend content to them.

Rumours that can also inspire businesses

Current rumours suggest that Twitter is considering making their direct messaging feature an app separate from the main Twitter app. Twitter might be considering this to attempt to make progress in the direct messaging app market currently largely occupied by BBM and WhatsApp. The lesson in this for businesses is that they should seek to offer particularly unique things in their direct messages to entice previous, current and potential customers.