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For Better Engagement, Twitter Must Introduce “Remind Me” Option

For Better Engagement, Twitter Must Introduce “Remind Me” Option

Being a power Twitter user,  I often favourite many tweets so that I can go through them later. However some of the tweets are time bound or an invite to an event, which means if I don’t access them on time, I miss them , leading to loss of opportunity, business development and/or productivity. Therefore, I am suggesting that Twitter adds a “remind me” option within tweets and Twitter cards. Please see below for more details.

What is the product feature?

I am proposing to introduce a “Remind Me” option within tweet entities in order to improve the end user’s experience, service utilisation and engagement on Twitter.

I strongly believe this feature will also help Twitter to bring more engagement with Twitter plus give deeper insight into users’ real interests and intent, and later on this feature can be monetised via Twitter Ads!

What is the problem?

When I see a tweet for a future event, there is no way I can set a reminder within Twitter to follow up that event, which means I could miss out on some very important events and that could cause loss of productivity, money, entertainment, and time.

For example

If there is a time bound offer from a brand, such as tickets for popular concert on sale in the future, I can’t set a reminder, and if I miss that sale I can’t buy the product at a discounted price or I have to buy from resellers, which could cost me 2-3 times the list or discounted price.

Twitter Remind Me Option    Twitter Remind Me Option

Similarly, I can miss potential business and/or skill development opportunities, if I miss a Twitter chat or Q&A for a topic that can help me to engage with possible clients, suppliers, and/or other stakeholders.



I have also listed multiple examples for which I would like to set a reminder to utilise Twitter for both productivity, engagement and entertainment.

E.g. if I like to watch live TV interviews or talk shows:

rm5    rm6

Also, if I like to be reminded of relevant skill development programs:

rm7    rm8

Or want to catch up with live entertainment events!



What is the Solution?

The solution is a “Remind Me” option within tweet entities. The way it would work is that when I select the Remind Me option, I should be able to set a reminder date/time (default should be event time detected from tweet) and subsequently as per the reminder instructions, that tweet would be pinned at the top of my notification area, which will eventually trigger a notification on my mobile to alert me about the event.

Twitter can introduce the same feature via Twitter Card with a “Remind Me” button that can prompt features like add event to calendar and create/RSVP event to your friends.

I have drawn some sketches below to demonstrate how this option should work.

 Step 1 – Select Remind Me Option

Users should be able to select the Remind Me option from both web and app!

rm10        rm11

Step 2 – Set Reminder (Time and Date)

This option will enable the user to set time and date to remind him/her of an event. The system should be intelligent enough to figure out time and date from the tweet. However, the user should be able modify reminder settings to receive an alert at their convenience.


Step 3: Notify User

As per the reminder (date and time), the Tweet should be pinned at the top in the notification tab – which will also trigger DM and Push Notification.


The above notification will trigger push notification on phones.


Twitter Card Option

I think Twitter can introduce a more advanced version via Twitter Cards where users can add events to their calendars or RSVP to others via a tweet!



Five ways Brands use Twitter for marketing and commerce

Five ways Brands use Twitter for marketing and commerce

Whereas Facebook is mainly to socialize with friends and family, LinkedIn is for business networking and Pinterest is all about lifestyle, Twitter is one of the social media tools that cannot be categorized for a specific demographic. On Twitter you can mingle with friends, family and colleagues in a discreet way and at the same time you can also engage with brands to get updates and deals… or moan about their products and services! In fact, when Twitter launched their IPO, they categorically said (on S1 form) that “Twitter is what you like to be” and to certain extent businesses are launching their Twitter campaign on same lines. For example, if you look at recent experiments from brands aiming at promotion and commerce, they are not using traditional display advertising ads; instead they are more interactive, data driven and deeply linked to transactions.
We have collected five recent Twitter marketing and commerce examples to give more insight to readers’ on what may lie in the future of Twitter marketing, especially digital marketers and brands!

1.Tweet To Add Product to Shopping Basket

With Amazon and Twitter’s recent partnership, Twitter users can add any Amazon product to their shopping cart just via hashtag (#AmazonCart). The way it works is, first the shopper links their Amazon and Twitter accounts and then, whenever they see any link to an Amazon product on their timeline, they can reply to that tweet with #AmazonCart in order to add that item to their Amazon shopping cart so that they can buy later.
Amazon Twitter Commerce

2.Tweet(s) to Macro Blog

Marc Andreessen (Netscape founder and investor), followed by Satya Nadella (Microsoft CEO), has recently started a new trend (#tweetstorm) on Twitter where they tweeted multiple times in a very short interval to present their views on a topic. Usually, they tweeted about 10 tweets and if we sum up total characters based on 140chars/tweet, it would be around 1400chars or around 350 words, which is enough to present your views on a subject. These tweets became an instant hit and received thousands of retweets, replies and favorites, which means the reach has gone beyond million people, and are also picked up by popular technology blogs to feed into their content.
Marc Andreessen TwitterStorm

3.Live Twitter Streaming at #LFW

During London Fashion Week in April this year, Burberry live streamed their entire fashion show on Twitter and as a result was trending on Twitter for almost the whole week – needless to say it brought huge publicity to their brand as thousands of people were engaging, commenting and analyzing their products.

4.Real Time Twitter Data Charts

Billboard Twitter Real-Time Charts tracks the ups and downs of trendy songs on the social network over the previous hour, 24 hours, and seven days. The sophisticated system takes into account US-based tweets including combinations of artist names, songs titles, Twitter handles, hashtags, words like “listen”, #nowplaying and streaming links to work out who’s hot and who’s cooling down like a hot egg in a bucket of ice cream.

5.Tweet to Find Product

Payasugym.com has introduced tweet-to-find-product service, which allows users to find nearest gym simply by a tweet with location. See example below:

Twitter Marketing Case Studies from Top Airlines

Twitter Marketing Case Studies from Top Airlines

Recently Socialbakers tweeted an infographics showing the most socially or Twitter active airlines and to our surprise, many big names like British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and Emirates were missing. So we decided to investigate further on Twitter about the airlines not featured in the infographics.

British Airways is more tweeting more about how good their services are and their picture of economy class with more leg room get lots of traction. i.e. BA is using Twitter for more for publicising their good services than offering discounts and announcements about new flights.;

Virgin Atlantic has recently run a little Red (#littlered) campaign and a picture of their new campaign with new flights from Aberdeen and Glasgow went really viral with many retweets, reply and favorites.

KLM ran a campaign to give freebies to those who want to use their new flight from Newcastle and retweet and follow them on twitter. No doubt many takers followed, and retweeted their tweet in the hope of winning free tickets.

Emirates posted their Airbus 380 landing for the first time at Glasgow airport and the tweet went viral as it manages to capture Glasgow people’s imagination.

Just because some Airlines are tweeting less, this doesn’t mean that they are not leveraging this platform;, instead they are focusing more on posting unique content and going viral.;

How @Burberry managed to trend @Twitter during #LFW

How @Burberry managed to trend @Twitter during #LFW

London Fashion week (#LFW) attracts almost all top fashion brands from all over the world. However it was Burberry who managed to make most of Twitter power and trended in the UK and EU for almost 3 days. We looked into their Twitter content distribution strategy during London Fashion Week, which can help businesses in future to leverage Twitter to gain maximum exposure, especially when they are participating in an event!

Live Streaming from the Event

Burberry live streaming to their front stage ramp shows was embedded to their tweets so that viewers could watch the live show on Twitter in real time. Tweets were retweeted and favourited by everyone from the general public to fashion magazines, and therefore reached out to millions of people.

Tweeted Celebrity Pictures

Burberry tweeted pictures of celebrities like Bradley Cooper and Harry Styles, and these celebrity pictures got lots of engagement through their fans and helped the brand to continuously trend Bradley Cooper

Backstage Pictures

Tweeted backstage pictures gave a glimpse of how things work behind the scenes.

Used Vine to Demonstrate Products

Vine videos can be embed to tweets and Burberry took huge advantage of this by showcasing their new range in Vine videos. Again, these tweets get lots of attention and helped the brand to keep buzzing on Twitter during the event.