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Tweepforce Roundup (23 Sep): Twitter Trending , Customer services and Multiple Accounts

Tweepforce Roundup (23 Sep): Twitter Trending , Customer services and Multiple Accounts

Tweepforce Twitter Roundup brings together all stories related to Twitter applications and platform updates and how these developments can help businesses to leverage this platform for business and product development.

Brands maintain multiple Twitter Accounts

Brandwatch analyses how over 250 leading brands are using Twitter. This includes how many accounts a brand maintains on Twitter. They found that:
•The number of brands using multiple Twitter accounts has increased from 7% to 63% over the last three years.
•In 2012, 35% of brands used multiple accounts, while the majority had just one.
•A common use of multiple accounts is to have one that allows for engagement – mostly in the form of customer service – and another for offers and company news.
•Dell has the most Twitter accounts (44), each of them covering a different department.

Takeaway for businesses:

Small businesses can also take a leaf out of the growing popularity of multiple accounts among big brands, to cater to various audiences in a distinct way. However, small businesses with limited resources might have to use tools like Hootsuite and Buffer to make sure all accounts are synced and managed properly, as managing multiple accounts can be very time consuming and costly.

Twitter Finding New ways to Suggest Who to Follow!

Recently, Twitter launched a mysterious account called “Magic Recs”. This account delivers real time, tailor-made recommendations for users and content via direct message. Its foundation is straight forward: Twitter users that follow “Magic Recs” receive random direct messages that highlight accounts that people in your Twitter network have recently started following.

Takeaway for businesses:
Magic Recs is a unique initiative to discover relevant new Twitter accounts and tweets, beyond Twitter’s current features such as on site/application suggestions and an email newsletter. Businesses must be aware of, and make use of, innovations like “Magic Recs”, to ensure that they keep on top of Twitter advancements to grow their follower base, especially when it is free.

Secrete Behind Twitter Trending Topics

To be featured in Twitter trending is the ultimate aim for any marketer to get some real traction on Twitter, and knowing the popularity of Twitter trends, the company has also launched its most expensive advertising product so far: Promoted Trends.

According to estimates, Promoted Trends cost from around $100k/month, so it is far out of reach of small and medium-sized businesses. However Cision Media has done some recent analysis of both global and local trends and given some insight into the logic of trending topics.

Takeaway for business for Trending Topics:
1.Choose a non-peak times, like early morning, when people aren’t tweeting along to TV programmes.
2.Use a new hashtag so that its rise is more pronounced.
3.Hit as wide an audience as possible in a limited time – the sharper the peak, the more chance you have of trending.

Twitter Advertising has Made Customer Service Very Public and Real Time

Annoyed with the way British Airways was tackling the issue of his father’s lost luggage, businessman Hasan Syed decided to shout about it on Twitter. But rather than just a normal status update, Hasan bought a promoted tweet. Six hours after the tweet went live, it was picked up by technology blog Mashable and then read by thousands of Twitter users, retweeted and commented on.

But BA took another four hours to react with the following message:

“Sorry for the delay in responding, our Twitter feed is open 09:00-17:00 GMT. Please DM [direct message] your baggage ref and we’ll look into this.”

In other words, for British Airways the damage was done as this tweet was also picked up from BBC to CNN, and reached a huge audience.

Takeaway for Businesses:
1. The good news is that Twitter has made customer service real time and a two-way stream, but if requests and queries are not dealt with promptly, brands can incur substantial reputation damage.
2. Use Twitter advance search or tracking tools to ensure relevant tweets are picked up as soon as they go live, so that appropriate action can be taken.
3. Identify Twitter as one of the preferred mediums of customer management, so that queries made on this can be dealt as soon as possible.

Twitter Roundup(13 Aug): Why Twitter is the Best Social Media Platform For Brands

Twitter Roundup(13 Aug): Why Twitter is the Best Social Media Platform For Brands
Twitter News for Business

We have done a Twitter round up for businesses, brands and digital agencies. If you want to understand how Twitter as platform evolving, so that you can leverage this platform for maximum lead generation, customer service, product discovery and delivery and enjoy a higher return on investment, read on.

After all, Twitter is in the most popular social media tools, when it comes to content sharing and influencing to buyers before they buy something; in other words businesses cannot ignore this platform for business development.

1. Twitter has enhanced Search Results

There are three primary changes to Twitter.com’s main search results panel:
1. Accounts (or “People” ) are now weaved into the search results.
2. Pictures are now showing as search results .
3. There’s also a new Pictures tab on the left, in addition to the “Results” and “People” filters.


2. Twitter #music app gets new ways to discover artists

Twitter has updated its Twitter #music iPhone app with many new ways to find new artists in addition to personalised recommendations based on the content in your iPhone’s music library.


3. Twitter Partners With Datalogix to Track When Tweets Lead to Offline Sales

Twitter has announced it is partnering with with Datalogix, a digital media and database marketing firm, to highlight the “offline sales impact” for tweets, which means these two companies are promising to capture how much having an active Twitter account can improve a brand’s bottom line when buyers are shopping in stores and away from Twitter enabled device.


4. What does this mean for businesses?

Over 600m Twitter searches made every day means Twitter search has become a valuable source of capturing people’s intent data i.e. a force to reckon with for businesses and brands. And to make it more sensible for users, Twitter search is now returning more data, such as images and people with relevant profiles. And to capitalise on this enhancement, businesses and brands must configure their profiles, including Twitter handle, profile text, header and profile images, in addition to embedding pictures into their tweets, keeping their target audience in mind.

Here is an infographic around how businesses can enhance their Twitter profiles and utilise meta tags around tweets in order to leverage Twitter search.

The Twitter music app update to track iTunes library, along with teaming up with Datalogix, indicates that Twitter is now looking beyond 140 characters to identify consumer behaviours, so that Twitter advertising can become more relevant for businesses. In other words brands must look to:

1. Find ways to promote their business on Twitter such as advertising products through promoted tweets and promoted Twitter accounts.
2. Find ways to sponsor Twitter chats. Some popular Twitter chats such as #brandchat, #ToolsChat, #SWChat give great real time exposure to businesses.
3. Use a Twitter marketing tool such as Tweepforce to capture people’s intent and engage them accordingly.