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How @Burberry managed to trend @Twitter during #LFW

How @Burberry managed to trend @Twitter during #LFW

London Fashion week (#LFW) attracts almost all top fashion brands from all over the world. However it was Burberry who managed to make most of Twitter power and trended in the UK and EU for almost 3 days. We looked into their Twitter content distribution strategy during London Fashion Week, which can help businesses in future to leverage Twitter to gain maximum exposure, especially when they are participating in an event!

Live Streaming from the Event

Burberry live streaming to their front stage ramp shows was embedded to their tweets so that viewers could watch the live show on Twitter in real time. Tweets were retweeted and favourited by everyone from the general public to fashion magazines, and therefore reached out to millions of people.

Tweeted Celebrity Pictures

Burberry tweeted pictures of celebrities like Bradley Cooper and Harry Styles, and these celebrity pictures got lots of engagement through their fans and helped the brand to continuously trend Bradley Cooper

Backstage Pictures

Tweeted backstage pictures gave a glimpse of how things work behind the scenes.

Used Vine to Demonstrate Products

Vine videos can be embed to tweets and Burberry took huge advantage of this by showcasing their new range in Vine videos. Again, these tweets get lots of attention and helped the brand to keep buzzing on Twitter during the event.

Four Examples of Using Twitter for Commerce, PR & Lead Generation

Four Examples of Using Twitter for Commerce, PR & Lead Generation

We have compiled a list of tweets (or Twitter campaigns) run by businesses or celebrities to leverage Twitter for commerce, public relations and lead generation.

These examples can be very useful to digital marketers or an in-house digital marketing team, to help set up Twitter campaigns for their businesses or customers.

1.Starbucks – give away free stuff on special occasions to build PR

On Veterans Day, 11 November, Starbucks tweeted that they were giving away a tall brewed coffee to veterans, active duty military men and women, and active duty spouses, with a #Thankavet hashtag and a link to their web page dedicated to veterans.

This good gesture was hugely appreciated by the Twitterati and was Retweeted and favourited over 4,000 and 3,000 times respectively. It surely drove high traffic to the attached link too.

2.Pizza Hut – time-bound offers drive attention and feedback

Pizza Hut, with over 600,000 followers, actively runs time-bound exclusive competitions on Twitter. On one such occasion this resulted in over 400 retweets and 300 favorites, in addition to loads of feedback from their customers.

3.Ticketmaster – Celebrities Sell

Katy Parry tweeted her UK tour dates and a link to tickets on Ticketmaster. The tweet has gone viral with around 5,000 retweets and favorites and tickets at Ticketmaster were sold out within minutes!

4.American Express – Make it real time and conversational

American express is experimenting with real Twitter commerce where users can tweet to ask for deals for their favorite brands! The concept is gaining momentum and over 1m people used this tool to request deals for their favorites brands!

Takeaway for businesses

Through these examples, the idea is to demonstrate to businesses or brands that there are various ways to get traction on Twitter, such as give away free stuff, or offer exclusive deals and then allow users to transact via or on Twitter. Not all the above techniques fit every businesses, but the business can do some analysis based on their products and services to see what they can offer for free or exclusively, and then run campaigns as above to get the most out of Twitter!

Tweepforce Roundup(1st Oct): Tim Cook Tweets, Surge in @Mention & Promoted Trends

Tweepforce Roundup(1st Oct): Tim Cook Tweets, Surge in @Mention & Promoted Trends

Tweepforce continue to roundup Twitter stories and help businesses leverage this platform for businesses and product development.

Rouhani to Tim Cook on Twitter

Tim Cook (Apple CEO), contrary to his predecessor (Steve Jobs), has jumped on the Twitter bandwagon with several other noticeable tech CEOs including Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Dell CEO Michael Dell. Cook’s decision to join the social network demonstrates that Apple has recognised Twitter as a PR tool to reach out to both shareholders and customers.

Recounting his phone discussion with President Obama as “historic,” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani took to Twitter on Friday with a series of captivating tweets that amazed and cheered many foreign policy observers.

Takeaway for Businesses

Twitter is becoming the first port of call for public relations for bigger brands and celebrities, and therefore businesses and industry analysts within organisations must keep an eye on Twitter for relevant stories so that they can help businesses shape their future strategies;

Twitter Stats Shows More @mention than Links and Hashtags

A recent study into Twitter usage habits, conducted by Carolin Gerlitz and Bernhard Rieder captured 4,376,230 tweets, sent from 3,370,796 accounts.

The main findings are:

  • Hashtags were used in just over 13% of tweets.Only 25.8% appeared more than once, and only 0.7% (1,684) more than 50 times.

  • Only 11% of all tweets enclosed URLs, which is less than half as many as stated by other studies. Social and content platforms are predictably the most popular links. E.g

  • For linking: YouTube ranks first, though Facebook would be number one if apps.facebook.com was included. The next three most commonly linked-to sites are Instagram, Ask.fm and Twitpic.

  • People like to have conversations on Twitter, as it seems that 57.2% of tweets contained an @username mention. Some 46.8% of tweets started with an @username.

  • Takeaway for Businesses

    More @mention i.e. engagements among Twitter users, means that now businesses must engage in conversations on Twitter and think beyond scheduling tweets with links to their content and hashtags. Brands could consider using the Tweepforce’s Twitter engagement feature, which enables customers to initiate a conversation on Twitter that can continue until commerce is done!

    Trending on Twitter Increases Brand Awareness

    Twitter analysed 35 randomly-selected Promoted Trends running in 2012 and 2013 and the study highlights three ways Promoted Trends drive business outcomes:

    1. increased brand advocacy;
    2. greater purchase consideration;
    3. Long-term impact on earned media.

    Takeaway for businesses:

    Perhaps buying promoted trends is too expensive for small and medium-sized businesses, but finding ways to trends on Twitter can be good for businesses in the long run. Have a look at our last week’s roundup, where we highlighted ways to trend on Twitter.

    Tweepforce Roundup (23 Sep): Twitter Trending , Customer services and Multiple Accounts

    Tweepforce Roundup (23 Sep): Twitter Trending , Customer services and Multiple Accounts

    Tweepforce Twitter Roundup brings together all stories related to Twitter applications and platform updates and how these developments can help businesses to leverage this platform for business and product development.

    Brands maintain multiple Twitter Accounts

    Brandwatch analyses how over 250 leading brands are using Twitter. This includes how many accounts a brand maintains on Twitter. They found that:
    •The number of brands using multiple Twitter accounts has increased from 7% to 63% over the last three years.
    •In 2012, 35% of brands used multiple accounts, while the majority had just one.
    •A common use of multiple accounts is to have one that allows for engagement – mostly in the form of customer service – and another for offers and company news.
    •Dell has the most Twitter accounts (44), each of them covering a different department.

    Takeaway for businesses:

    Small businesses can also take a leaf out of the growing popularity of multiple accounts among big brands, to cater to various audiences in a distinct way. However, small businesses with limited resources might have to use tools like Hootsuite and Buffer to make sure all accounts are synced and managed properly, as managing multiple accounts can be very time consuming and costly.

    Twitter Finding New ways to Suggest Who to Follow!

    Recently, Twitter launched a mysterious account called “Magic Recs”. This account delivers real time, tailor-made recommendations for users and content via direct message. Its foundation is straight forward: Twitter users that follow “Magic Recs” receive random direct messages that highlight accounts that people in your Twitter network have recently started following.

    Takeaway for businesses:
    Magic Recs is a unique initiative to discover relevant new Twitter accounts and tweets, beyond Twitter’s current features such as on site/application suggestions and an email newsletter. Businesses must be aware of, and make use of, innovations like “Magic Recs”, to ensure that they keep on top of Twitter advancements to grow their follower base, especially when it is free.

    Secrete Behind Twitter Trending Topics

    To be featured in Twitter trending is the ultimate aim for any marketer to get some real traction on Twitter, and knowing the popularity of Twitter trends, the company has also launched its most expensive advertising product so far: Promoted Trends.

    According to estimates, Promoted Trends cost from around $100k/month, so it is far out of reach of small and medium-sized businesses. However Cision Media has done some recent analysis of both global and local trends and given some insight into the logic of trending topics.

    Takeaway for business for Trending Topics:
    1.Choose a non-peak times, like early morning, when people aren’t tweeting along to TV programmes.
    2.Use a new hashtag so that its rise is more pronounced.
    3.Hit as wide an audience as possible in a limited time – the sharper the peak, the more chance you have of trending.

    Twitter Advertising has Made Customer Service Very Public and Real Time

    Annoyed with the way British Airways was tackling the issue of his father’s lost luggage, businessman Hasan Syed decided to shout about it on Twitter. But rather than just a normal status update, Hasan bought a promoted tweet. Six hours after the tweet went live, it was picked up by technology blog Mashable and then read by thousands of Twitter users, retweeted and commented on.

    But BA took another four hours to react with the following message:

    “Sorry for the delay in responding, our Twitter feed is open 09:00-17:00 GMT. Please DM [direct message] your baggage ref and we’ll look into this.”

    In other words, for British Airways the damage was done as this tweet was also picked up from BBC to CNN, and reached a huge audience.

    Takeaway for Businesses:
    1. The good news is that Twitter has made customer service real time and a two-way stream, but if requests and queries are not dealt with promptly, brands can incur substantial reputation damage.
    2. Use Twitter advance search or tracking tools to ensure relevant tweets are picked up as soon as they go live, so that appropriate action can be taken.
    3. Identify Twitter as one of the preferred mediums of customer management, so that queries made on this can be dealt as soon as possible.