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How @KitKat is Using the #HaveABreak Hashtag for Marketing on Twitter

How @KitKat is Using the #HaveABreak Hashtag for Marketing on Twitter

One of the best ways to increase your reach on twitter is to use the right hashtag, which can link to audience sentiments and trigger higher engagement. Hashtags should be precise, easy to remember and unique.

KitKat is one of the brands that have successfully converted their famous tag line (“Have a break”) into an hashtag (#Haveabreak) on Twitter that people can relate to and often tweet with, which enables the brand to engage with and reach out to their potential customers.

For example, the following user uses the hashtag when having a break from a busy morning and KitKat retweets with a quote which results in multiple favourites and retweets.

In the examples below, KitKat replies to tweets with #Haveabreak and that invokes others to join in the conversation or favourite and retweet those replies.

KitKat often posts very funny images (around the have a break theme) with the hashtag, which again triggers many engagements in the form of favourites, replies, and retweets.

Overall, businesses like KitKat can use their tagline as a hashtag to engage people and slowly help them build buzz around their brand. However, the key is simplicity and entertaining content, so that the audience can relate to it.

Twitter Marketing Case Studies from Top Airlines

Twitter Marketing Case Studies from Top Airlines

Recently Socialbakers tweeted an infographics showing the most socially or Twitter active airlines and to our surprise, many big names like British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and Emirates were missing. So we decided to investigate further on Twitter about the airlines not featured in the infographics.

British Airways is more tweeting more about how good their services are and their picture of economy class with more leg room get lots of traction. i.e. BA is using Twitter for more for publicising their good services than offering discounts and announcements about new flights.;

Virgin Atlantic has recently run a little Red (#littlered) campaign and a picture of their new campaign with new flights from Aberdeen and Glasgow went really viral with many retweets, reply and favorites.

KLM ran a campaign to give freebies to those who want to use their new flight from Newcastle and retweet and follow them on twitter. No doubt many takers followed, and retweeted their tweet in the hope of winning free tickets.

Emirates posted their Airbus 380 landing for the first time at Glasgow airport and the tweet went viral as it manages to capture Glasgow people’s imagination.

Just because some Airlines are tweeting less, this doesn’t mean that they are not leveraging this platform;, instead they are focusing more on posting unique content and going viral.;

Twitter recap for businesses, brands and digital marketers

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Twitter recap for businesses, brands and digital marketers

Since Twitter launched its IPO, the company has been updating its products and services almost daily to speed up the monetisation. We have summarised all the recent launches for digital marketers inside or outside of companies, so that they can remain on top of this ever-evolving real-time social network.

1 Extended their advertising products outside USA

On 13 November, Twitter announced that small- and medium-sized businesses in the UK, Ireland and Canada will now be able to make use of its self-serve advertising platform.

Twitter’s suites of ad products include Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Promoted Trends. 

Earlier, all businesses outside the US had to coordinate with Twitter in order to place their ads, which limited the social network’s reach. With this announcement, it is likely that more businesses will now sign on to place ads on the network, increasing its revenue streams.

2. Align advertising to TV Programs

Twitter announced the availability of TV ad targeting on Twitter. According to Twitter:

“TV ad targeting enables marketers to engage directly with people on Twitter who have been exposed to their ads on TV. Synchronized Twitter and TV ad campaigns make brand messages more engaging, interactive and measurable, while making it easy for marketers to run always-on Twitter campaigns that complement and amplify their TV creative.”

However, TV ad targeting for Promoted Tweets is available in a limited beta to selected partners running national TV commercials in the U.S.

 3. Custom Timeline on TweetDeck and Developer API

Twitter will let you build custom timelines based on topics, hashtags and more from TweetDeck. Twitter has also introduced an API to allow developers to build this functionality into their products.

This is an extension to their list service and will allow users to create powerful streams of information out of Twitter’s open data, effectively allowing anyone to create individual streams of data custom-made to a topic. The topics could be anything that’s comprised in a tweet, such as hashtags, a phrase like ‘going out’ or event-specific keywords like ‘X-Factor’ or ‘Tech Meetup’.

 4. DM option is removed and Block User is reinstated

Just a month after the public backlash following an abundance of spamming, Twitter has just removed its option for users to receive direct messages (DM) from any follower, whether or not that follower is being followed on Twitter. DMs can now only be sent to a user who is following you.

Under the short-lived change on Thursday, a blocked Twitter user could view or tweet at the person who blocked him or her, but that activity would have been rendered invisible to the victim, as if the offending account did not exist. Five hours later, Twitter canceled the change, and reverted the “block” feature to its original setting.

Takeaway for businesses

Clearly Twitter is still evolving, with many products coming to market and some being removed, but the gist is that Twitter, with real-time data, especially when people are watching TV or following live events, can be a formidable channel for marketers to promote their products and services. And with the introduction of their self-service advertising channel, it has become easier to promote things on this network. The marketer should also not forget that Twitter is still one of the most open networks and there are many tools, including TweepForce, out there to help them promote and transact on Twitter. 

Twitter Roundup(13 Aug): Why Twitter is the Best Social Media Platform For Brands

Twitter Roundup(13 Aug): Why Twitter is the Best Social Media Platform For Brands
Twitter News for Business

We have done a Twitter round up for businesses, brands and digital agencies. If you want to understand how Twitter as platform evolving, so that you can leverage this platform for maximum lead generation, customer service, product discovery and delivery and enjoy a higher return on investment, read on.

After all, Twitter is in the most popular social media tools, when it comes to content sharing and influencing to buyers before they buy something; in other words businesses cannot ignore this platform for business development.

1. Twitter has enhanced Search Results

There are three primary changes to Twitter.com’s main search results panel:
1. Accounts (or “People” ) are now weaved into the search results.
2. Pictures are now showing as search results .
3. There’s also a new Pictures tab on the left, in addition to the “Results” and “People” filters.


2. Twitter #music app gets new ways to discover artists

Twitter has updated its Twitter #music iPhone app with many new ways to find new artists in addition to personalised recommendations based on the content in your iPhone’s music library.


3. Twitter Partners With Datalogix to Track When Tweets Lead to Offline Sales

Twitter has announced it is partnering with with Datalogix, a digital media and database marketing firm, to highlight the “offline sales impact” for tweets, which means these two companies are promising to capture how much having an active Twitter account can improve a brand’s bottom line when buyers are shopping in stores and away from Twitter enabled device.


4. What does this mean for businesses?

Over 600m Twitter searches made every day means Twitter search has become a valuable source of capturing people’s intent data i.e. a force to reckon with for businesses and brands. And to make it more sensible for users, Twitter search is now returning more data, such as images and people with relevant profiles. And to capitalise on this enhancement, businesses and brands must configure their profiles, including Twitter handle, profile text, header and profile images, in addition to embedding pictures into their tweets, keeping their target audience in mind.

Here is an infographic around how businesses can enhance their Twitter profiles and utilise meta tags around tweets in order to leverage Twitter search.

The Twitter music app update to track iTunes library, along with teaming up with Datalogix, indicates that Twitter is now looking beyond 140 characters to identify consumer behaviours, so that Twitter advertising can become more relevant for businesses. In other words brands must look to:

1. Find ways to promote their business on Twitter such as advertising products through promoted tweets and promoted Twitter accounts.
2. Find ways to sponsor Twitter chats. Some popular Twitter chats such as #brandchat, #ToolsChat, #SWChat give great real time exposure to businesses.
3. Use a Twitter marketing tool such as Tweepforce to capture people’s intent and engage them accordingly.