Recently Socialbakers tweeted an infographics showing the most socially or Twitter active airlines and to our surprise, many big names like British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and Emirates were missing. So we decided to investigate further on Twitter about the airlines not featured in the infographics.

British Airways is more tweeting more about how good their services are and their picture of economy class with more leg room get lots of traction. i.e. BA is using Twitter for more for publicising their good services than offering discounts and announcements about new flights.;

Virgin Atlantic has recently run a little Red (#littlered) campaign and a picture of their new campaign with new flights from Aberdeen and Glasgow went really viral with many retweets, reply and favorites.

KLM ran a campaign to give freebies to those who want to use their new flight from Newcastle and retweet and follow them on twitter. No doubt many takers followed, and retweeted their tweet in the hope of winning free tickets.

Emirates posted their Airbus 380 landing for the first time at Glasgow airport and the tweet went viral as it manages to capture Glasgow people’s imagination.

Just because some Airlines are tweeting less, this doesn’t mean that they are not leveraging this platform;, instead they are focusing more on posting unique content and going viral.;