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TweepForce E-Commerce Twitter Tools: Ideal Across Industries

TweepForce E-Commerce Twitter Tools: Ideal Across Industries

TweepForce is an ideal solution for digital agencies and brands who want to enable their customers to purchase and/or reserve products right through Twitter. Until TweepForce, the capabilities for e-commerce through Twitter was largely non-existent. Now, however, e-commerce via TweepForce Twitter tools is a viable, profitable solution for businesses across all industries and all niches. Following are three case studies in which TweepForce was used as such solutions for various brands:


TechRocks, a popular social retail group, uses TweepForce to sell tickets; in one such case, the group was organizing a music festival for some local companies. TechRocks successfully sold its tickets by using TweepForce Twitter tools. The organizer of TechRocks, Pete Doyle, says that he uses TweepForce because the group wants to make it easy for people to register for its events on a single tweet in a time-efficient manner.

In this particular case, users tweet TechRocks to check the availability of tickets, and TechRocks Live replied with availability information and a booking hashtag for the users to use. Those users then replied with that booking hashtag to book the tickets they wanted, and TechRocks confirmed the booking using a reply Tweet chosen by them.

OpenTable UK

OpenTable UK relies on TweepForce Twitter tools for their customers to be able to reserve their tables via tweets. It was a pilot project run by TweepForce via its social commerce platform. OpenTable UK opted to link its call center directly to the TweepForce platform to ensure customers would enjoy an experience with seamless booking.

In this case, users tweet to check the availability for a specified location, and the OpenTable handler returns the nearest four restaurants, along with the booking hashtag. The users then tweet back with the number of people, time, and the date they would like to book. The restaurant at hand either confirms or cancels the booking, and the user receives a confirmation or cancellation tweet.

DMG Group

TweepForce Twitter tools are great for client books of other industries, as well, as DMG Group demonstrates. DMG Group is a B2B travel company that relies on TweepForce for its client bookings all over the globe. DMG Group is a hotel retailer; TweepForce has integrated to the established API for real-time booking capabilities to enable users to book hotels straight through Twitter.

With DMG Group and TweepForce, users tweet to check hotel availability for a chosen location, and the nearest three hotels with availability are tweeted to the user, along with a booking hashtag. The users reply with the number of people, the date, and the length of stay desired. The DMG Group handler then books the hotel using the live API, then replies to the user with a confirmation or rejection tweet.

Get Started for Free with TweepForce

The above companies display just a few of the ways that digital agencies, brands, and digital in-house teams tap into the potential of the 300 million active Twitter users with e-commerce capabilities through TweepForce. TweepForce is a self-service suite of Twitter tools that allows users to tweet to buy and tweet to reserve products and services, right through Twitter. Customers can complete purchases easily and quickly, and brands are able to extend into the mobile market with Twitter in an all-new way that will build their brands and ultimately, their bottom lines.

Get Started today with TweepForce for free and see what your brand can offer the world of Twitter e-commerce!

Tweepforce Case Study

Why Digital Agencies Should Use TweepForce

Why Digital Agencies Should Use TweepForce

TweepForce is changing the way e-commerce is done, opening up the Twitter market to digital agencies, businesses, and digital in-house teams who are looking to increase traffic, improve sales conversions, and save big money on advertising. So what all do digital agencies have to gain by using TweepForce?

Attract Larger Budget Clients

Established brands with the larger budgets are always searching for new, industry-leading, ground-breaking channels with which they can drive sales. With TweepForce as part of the offering, your digital agency will be able to offer exactly that to the biggest spending brands out there, across the globe. These big-budget agencies are looking for the agencies that can provide an alternative to the same old offerings.

Make Your Agency Stand Out

When digital agencies are able to offer a unique, powerful delivery channel for sales, they themselves differentiate themselves from the competition – a key force in expanding that agency’s bottom line. Every agency out there offers the same channels, the same marketing tactics, and the same advertising strategies – these include SEO, PPC, content writing, SERP ad placement, social media management, and the like. With TweepForce, digital agencies and in-house digital teams are able to offer a product that businesses can’t get at the typical agencies yet.

When digital agencies offer TweepForce to their customers, they’re able to sell more than just a unique product. They’re able to offer a way for their clients to leverage the expansive world of Twitter and the 250 million users it attracts. Digital agencies can, through TweepForce, offer a unique way to have clients’ customers initiate the conversation, rather than those clients paying for and pushing ads – which can often be viewed as spam. The results? Increased business leads, higher conversions, and a higher rate of customer satisfaction.

Save Money on Display Ads and More

Speaking of offering clients a way to maximize key points of any successful business, digital agencies should also use TweepForce to save their clients’ money on advertising. TweepForce campaigns will save money on everything from display ads to social media management. Rather than paying thousands of dollars and stretching budgets to push non-focused ads across the Internet, brands will be able to spend less with TweepForce on a more effective, customer-initiated, marketing channel that increases sales conversions and ultimately, their ROIs for marketing can grow exponentially.

Tapping into the Mobile Market

While e-commerce is not, by itself, a new offering, what is new is that TweepForce offers a way to leverage the power of one of the largest mobile-heavy markets in existence. Twitter plays host to a massive mobile audience – in fact, 80% of its 250 million users access the application from their mobile phones! This is an enormous market that, until TweepForce, was largely untapped byway of e-commerce.

Digital agencies will be able to offer to their clients the ability to cater to those mobile audiences, drive more traffic to their site or app, increase their social media following, influence and presence, find more leads increase conversions between leads and transactions, gamify product discover, increase their mobile presence and tap into that colossal mobile market.

Why Use TweepForce when Clients Have a Mobile App?

Digital agencies will find that even when their clients already have a mobile app, there are many benefits to be gained from offering TweepForce to those clients. Apps rely heavily on Internet connection, smart device functionality, and GPS connection; this means that those apps may not be readily accessible all the time. TweepForce, in contrast, leverages the Twitter platform, which means that brands can provide services and products at any time, from any location, on any device – even SMS-enabled ones.

White Labeling the Ultimate Twitter Marketing Tool

One of the biggest reasons for digital agencies and in-house digital teams to use TweepForce is for white-labeling purposes. Digital agencies are able to buy a TweepForce package that is designed specifically for this very purpose – and the entire TweepForce technology can bear the name of the digital agency. These agencies will be able to offer lead generation, product development, discovery and delivery to all of their clients with their own branding.


Take a different approach to social media e-commerce with TweepForce: the self-service Twitter marketing tool equipped with the ability to create targeted, analytics-driven campaigns based on hashtags, geotags, and keywords. Get started for free today!




How @Burberry managed to trend @Twitter during #LFW

How @Burberry managed to trend @Twitter during #LFW

London Fashion week (#LFW) attracts almost all top fashion brands from all over the world. However it was Burberry who managed to make most of Twitter power and trended in the UK and EU for almost 3 days. We looked into their Twitter content distribution strategy during London Fashion Week, which can help businesses in future to leverage Twitter to gain maximum exposure, especially when they are participating in an event!

Live Streaming from the Event

Burberry live streaming to their front stage ramp shows was embedded to their tweets so that viewers could watch the live show on Twitter in real time. Tweets were retweeted and favourited by everyone from the general public to fashion magazines, and therefore reached out to millions of people.

Tweeted Celebrity Pictures

Burberry tweeted pictures of celebrities like Bradley Cooper and Harry Styles, and these celebrity pictures got lots of engagement through their fans and helped the brand to continuously trend Bradley Cooper

Backstage Pictures

Tweeted backstage pictures gave a glimpse of how things work behind the scenes.

Used Vine to Demonstrate Products

Vine videos can be embed to tweets and Burberry took huge advantage of this by showcasing their new range in Vine videos. Again, these tweets get lots of attention and helped the brand to keep buzzing on Twitter during the event.

How @Tesco, @Argos and @KitKat used Twitter in the Holiday Season

How @Tesco, @Argos and @KitKat used Twitter in the Holiday Season

Twitter is the place where users (or buyers) show their real time emotions about everything from leisure to entertainment and, more importantly for these companies, shopping. And some businesses are very good at capturing these emotions, especially in the festive season, by offering last minute deals and delivery options, or running competitions to give away freebies. For the next holiday season, we have collected some examples below to inspire other brands, businesses and digital agencies to run last minute holiday season organic campaigns on Twitter.

Argos – Gave free vouchers to become part of the #DontPanic Timeline

Argos ran a very smart campaign to allow users to win vouchers if they gave a reason for not panicking about last minute Xmas shopping (with hashtag #Dontpanic). #DontPanic was a very frequent trend used by shoppers on Twitter and this campaign helped Argos to become part of this hashtag timeline, with multiple retweets and favourites.

KitKat – Captured user emotions by presenting a nice picture

KitKat, rather than giving free vouchers or a deal, tweeted with a very festive picture to engage users, and the image was retweeted and favourited over 3,000 times. The gist is, businesses need not necessarily offer deals or freebies; they can also offer something to add cheer in this share economy where everyone wants to reach out to loved
ones with some special gifts.

Tesco – Ran a competition aligned to a popular TV series

Tesco designed a very clever campaign to leverage the festive mood along with Twitter and TV viewership alignment, as they ran an exclusive campaign on Twitter to giveaway free Downton Abbey DVDs in exchange for users tweeting with hashtag #GetMeToDownton and following their account. The campaign got good traction with over 1000 clicks and multiple retweets and favorites.