Marketers: Twitter Chatbots Must Have For Digital Branding, Customer Service and Sales Strategy

“Messaging is one of the few things that people do more than social networking” – Mark Zuckerberg But there are only a few platforms that people are messaging on. 72% of U.S smartphone users use less than 7 apps in a day. In response to this consumer behaviour, the social platforms that we all know and love started letting companies build chatbots with them. This created a need for existing platforms to step up, and large platforms started letting businesses build platforms on top of them.

Credence Research recently predicted that enterprises would transmit two trillion messages a year by 2017 to create a market worth $78m by 2022. The chatbot can talk to you through different channels, such as Facebook Messenger, Siri, WeChat, Telegram, SMS, Slack, Skype, among others. Consumers spend lots of time using messaging applications (more than they spend on social media). Therefore, messaging applications are currently the most popular way for companies to deliver chatbot experiences to consumers.

Now people won’t need to download an app to interact with brands. They can just build a bot on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Skype etc. and instantly reach people on whichever device and platform they use. A chatbot’s conversational interface lets companies communicate in the moment, in a personal way; real businesses with real results. Due to sheer volume, Facebook is by far the most popular platform on which businesses launch their chatbots.

However, the below points explain why brands must have Twitter chatbots as an integral part of their digital customer service and sales strategy.

Live Events and Streaming Driving Traffic on Twitter

For example, there were 103 million tweets sent about the Winter Olympic Games and, in total, this led to 33.6 billion Impressions (views on and off Twitter) of tweets.

Twitter is now worth more than Snap!

Twitter now has a bigger market cap than Snapchat maker Snap, after posting a thoroughly interesting earnings beat for its fourth quarter this morning.

Oscar After Party Live streaming Got Over 2M Viewers

During Q4, Twitter live-streamed around 1,140 events, with 60% of those reaching a global audience. In addition, 28 million live user-generated streams were broadcast in the quarter across Twitter and Periscope. For example, Vanity Fair’s 2018 Oscar Party Livestream got over 2M views on Twitter.

And Twitter is the most popular tool for people to have their discussions on before, during and after an event.

Q4 results show MAU/DAU are on the rise

Twitter averaged 330 million monthly active users in Q4. Analysts had anticipated 2 million MAU net adds in the period. In Q4 2016, Twitter gained an average 1 million monthly users. During Q4, Twitter live-streamed around 1,140 events, with 60% of those reaching a global audience. In addition, 28 million live user-generated streams were broadcast in the quarter across Twitter and Periscope.

Real-time Twitter Data Invaluable for Customer Insight

Markets get huge real-time insights from ongoing Twitter engagements about their products, industry and customers. For example, Microsoft recently launched a data analysis system to assist bots.

“These systems do not simply repeat what is said to them or respond with canned answers. They teach themselves to carry on a conversation by carefully analysing reams of real human dialogue. At Microsoft, for instance, a new system learns to chat by analysing thousands of online discussions pulled from services like Twitter and Reddit. When you send this bot a message, it chooses a response after generating dozens of possibilities and ranking each according to how well it mirrors those human conversations.”

Twitter Filtering Out Spam(y) Bots

Twitter is getting serious about its bot problem.According to the new rules, developers that use Twitter’s API will no longer be able to let users: Simultaneously post identical or substantially similar content to multiple accounts.Simultaneously perform actions such as likes, retweets, or follows from multiple accounts.

Use any form of automation (including scheduling) to post identical or substantially similar content, or to perform actions such as likes or retweets, across many accounts that have authorised your app (whether or not you created or directly control those accounts).The new rules, which come in the wake of a larger spam and bot crackdown, are meant to prevent many of common tactics that bots use to, say, make a hashtag trend or spread spam.

Twitter Announces New Enterprise-Focused API to Improve Chatbot Experience.

And now Twitter has improved its enterprise offering so that developers can build more conclusive and engaging experiences via chatbots. “Today’s news of the new enterprise Account Activity API is a part of those promised changes. “Specifically, the API is designed to help developers build apps that can power customer service, chatbots and brand engagement on Twitter, the company says – an area Twitter has been increasingly invested in this year.”


Twitter has traffic, real-time data insight along with the right support to launch an interactive campaign, and therefore Twitter is increasingly recapturing the eye of marketers who want to engage with their customers, increase sales and build brands. And with more advanced support for developers, Twitter chatbots must be the obvious choice to become a critical part of companies’ customer service and sales strategy to leverage this platform.

We at Tweepforce are building Twitter bots for consumer electronics, HR, automobile, publishing, retail and many other industries, on our reusable and scalable technology sitting on top of the IBM Watson AI platform. That helps brands to build the right user experience over time to align with their KPIs.

For Better Engagement, Twitter Must Introduce “Remind Me” Option

For Better Engagement, Twitter Must Introduce “Remind Me” Option

Being a power Twitter user,  I often favourite many tweets so that I can go through them later. However some of the tweets are time bound or an invite to an event, which means if I don’t access them on time, I miss them , leading to loss of opportunity, business development and/or productivity. Therefore, I am suggesting that Twitter adds a “remind me” option within tweets and Twitter cards. Please see below for more details.

What is the product feature?

I am proposing to introduce a “Remind Me” option within tweet entities in order to improve the end user’s experience, service utilisation and engagement on Twitter.

I strongly believe this feature will also help Twitter to bring more engagement with Twitter plus give deeper insight into users’ real interests and intent, and later on this feature can be monetised via Twitter Ads!

What is the problem?

When I see a tweet for a future event, there is no way I can set a reminder within Twitter to follow up that event, which means I could miss out on some very important events and that could cause loss of productivity, money, entertainment, and time.

For example

If there is a time bound offer from a brand, such as tickets for popular concert on sale in the future, I can’t set a reminder, and if I miss that sale I can’t buy the product at a discounted price or I have to buy from resellers, which could cost me 2-3 times the list or discounted price.

Twitter Remind Me Option    Twitter Remind Me Option

Similarly, I can miss potential business and/or skill development opportunities, if I miss a Twitter chat or Q&A for a topic that can help me to engage with possible clients, suppliers, and/or other stakeholders.



I have also listed multiple examples for which I would like to set a reminder to utilise Twitter for both productivity, engagement and entertainment.

E.g. if I like to watch live TV interviews or talk shows:

rm5    rm6

Also, if I like to be reminded of relevant skill development programs:

rm7    rm8

Or want to catch up with live entertainment events!



What is the Solution?

The solution is a “Remind Me” option within tweet entities. The way it would work is that when I select the Remind Me option, I should be able to set a reminder date/time (default should be event time detected from tweet) and subsequently as per the reminder instructions, that tweet would be pinned at the top of my notification area, which will eventually trigger a notification on my mobile to alert me about the event.

Twitter can introduce the same feature via Twitter Card with a “Remind Me” button that can prompt features like add event to calendar and create/RSVP event to your friends.

I have drawn some sketches below to demonstrate how this option should work.

 Step 1 – Select Remind Me Option

Users should be able to select the Remind Me option from both web and app!

rm10        rm11

Step 2 – Set Reminder (Time and Date)

This option will enable the user to set time and date to remind him/her of an event. The system should be intelligent enough to figure out time and date from the tweet. However, the user should be able modify reminder settings to receive an alert at their convenience.


Step 3: Notify User

As per the reminder (date and time), the Tweet should be pinned at the top in the notification tab – which will also trigger DM and Push Notification.


The above notification will trigger push notification on phones.


Twitter Card Option

I think Twitter can introduce a more advanced version via Twitter Cards where users can add events to their calendars or RSVP to others via a tweet!



TweepForce is Officially Launching!

TweepForce is Officially Launching!

TweepForce is a suite of Twitter e-commerce tools for businesses, digital agencies, and digital in-house teams who recognize the power and potential of tapping into the social media market in a new, game-changing way via Twitter.

More than 300 million people use Twitter on a daily basis; it’s an enormous market that has been largely void of e-commerce capabilities, until now. With TweepForce, businesses are able to make their products and services available for purchase and for reservation to customers – right through Twitter.

What is TweepForce?

TweepForce is a self-service suite of Twitter tools that allows businesses to sell their goods and services to customers. Businesses can make products available for purchase and/or for reservation, and customers can easily and quickly complete transactions using hashtags that are designated by the businesses.

By using TweepForce for Twitter e-commerce, businesses are able to measure and manage customer information, they are empowered by automating yet personalizing Twitter engagement, they generate leads and follow up in real time, increase conversions, and are able to leverage the power of Twitter e-commerce – all with the easy-to-use TweepForce Twitter tools.

What Kinds of Businesses Use TweepForce?

Any brand that wants to enable their customers to buy and/or reserve products through Twitter can benefit from teaming up with TweepForce, which offers a viable, profitable solution for businesses in any niche, and in any industry.

Restaurants can allow customers to reserve tables; entertainment venues can make access to tickets available; shops can enable customers to purchase goods – the possibilities are endless with TweepForce. Brands running tweet-to-buy and tweet-to-reserve campaigns are able to actively control their campaigns with tools for profile management, product management, campaign management, and more.

Read up on a few case studies of actual TweepForce clients and see what TweepForce does to help their businesses reach the millions of potential customers that use Twitter every day.

Why Should Digital Agencies Use TweepForce?

TweepForce has opened up the Twitter market to businesses and agencies who want to improve sales conversions, increase traffic, and save money on advertising. Brands that use the TweepForce suite of Twitter tools stand out from the competition, as they are able to offer a unique, powerful sales delivery channel.

In addition, digital agencies that use TweepForce are able to offer new, industry-leading channels to use for driving sales – something that established brands with larger budgets are constantly searching for. It’s the big-budget companies that are looking for agencies that can offer an alternative to the same old marketing ploys – they’re looking for brands that use TweepForce.

For many companies, businesses, and agencies, the marketing portion of the budget is huge – sometimes astronomical. Unfortunately, much of that budget is spent on marketing techniques, methods, and tactics that either don’t attract enough of an audience or attract the wrong type of audience – the type that isn’t interested. One unique aspect about TweepForce is that it enables the customer to initiate the conversation, instead of the other way around.

In this manner, marketing budgets used for TweepForce aren’t spent creating and pushing ads randomly that can cost millions of dollars, only to be ignored or brushed aside by consumers who aren’t interested. Instead, agencies that use TweepForce are able to spend less on a marketing channel that is more effective, and is also customer-initiated. Instead of paying millions to push non-focused ads all over the Internet, with TweepForce, businesses are able to increase sales and ultimately, their ROIs, thanks to a controlled, powerful marketing channel.

The mobile market is huge, and Twitter commands an enormous number of users. 80% of those who use Twitter do so right from their mobile phones and devices, so TweepForce is the ideal suite of tools to turn that usage into sales! Agencies can even white label TweepForce offerings, which means they are able to offer their own clients the ability to cater to the millions of mobile Twitter users, increase their mobile following, gamify product discovery and reap the benefits of increasing their presence in the mobile marketplace.

Businesses, digital agencies, and in-house digital marketing teams who want to take a new, profitable approach with e-commerce rely on TweepForce to create analytics-driven campaigns that are targeted, customer-initiated, and focused. From drastically reducing the marketing budget to increasing sales conversions, businesses reach no limit when they use TweepForce as their Twitter marketing tool. Get started for free today.

A Quick Set-Up Guide for TweepForce Campaigns

A Quick Set-Up Guide for TweepForce Campaigns

With TweepForce, you can now have your customers quickly and easily complete e-commerce transactions right through Twitter. As a TweepForce client, you’re able to set up your campaigns to allow customers to tweet to buy your products and to tweet to collect, or reserve them. The options are in place to be ideal for businesses in any industry or niche.

The tweet to buy option is suitable for any product or service that is available for purchase, from flower deliveries and clothing items to housewares and arts and crafts. The tweet to collect option is popular with our clients for items like restaurant reservations and reserving tickets for various events. Whatever it is you have to offer your customers, there’s a TweepForce Twitter campaign for that!

Tweet-to-Buy Campaign Set-Up Process

Setting up your tweet-to-buy campaign with TweepForce is quick and easy! You’ll start by adding the products you would like to sell, and then set rules to govern how customers will be able to find your product – according to location, type, keywords, etc. You’ll link your tweet-to-buy campaign to your PayPal account – the one you want to use to accept payments.

You’ll then be able to establish rules for collecting user data before taking payments. This feature allows you to display data input forms prior to taking payment. Some of this data that can be collected includes user names, dates, and quantity ordered; you can also set the rules for total price, including taxes and any other additional fees.

Finally, you’ll be able to set rules for how and when your customers will receive a product delivery confirmation tweet. That’s it! We can help you every step of the way in setting up your tweet-to-buy campaign. Get started today!

Tweet to buy campaign's how to guide


Tweet-to-Collect (Reserve) Campaign Set-Up

In just a few steps, you can have your tweet-to-collect campaign all set up for customers to reserve products and services right from Twitter. First, add the products/services you’d like to offer, and set rules for how your customers will be able to find those offerings. You’ll then establish the rules for how customers can reserve products – for example, by choosing a hashtag message to be used for reservations.

You’ll then establish how you want product reservation confirmations via the call center to be handled; this is a feature that allows you to confirm reservations via phone call, SMS, or by email. Finally, you’ll set the rules for how and when to tweet confirmation messages to your customers. It’s that easy, and you can get started right now with TweepForce.

Tweet to collect How to Guide


Twitter e-commerce is here thanks to TweepForce. Tap into the possibilities and reap the benefits of allowing your customers to purchase and reserve quickly and easily through Twitter. You’ll gamify lead generation, product development, discover, and delivery – ultimately increasing traffic and your business’ bottom line as well.