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What are Enterprise Chatbot Platforms and what are they for?
Before the advent of chatbots platforms, building a bot was a strenuous task and required sophisticated toolsets and advanced coding knowledge.
A chatbot platform is a toolset or application used to conveniently build, train, deploy and manage custom AI chatbots for your enterprise.




Safe AI bots: Create and Effectively manage secure chatbots without any privacy or security complications.

Manage multiple bots: IT department can control and monitor multiple bots within the enterprise using the platform.

Constant Training: Bots can be trained to have a persona, adopt the office jargon and understand users’ intent better.

Convenient Deployment: with platforms, AI bots need the minimum deployment time usually within days.

Key Features to look for:

 Cognitive Abstraction:

With this feature, you can leverage any AI service available today and scale for future services. You won’t be locked down to specific AI vendor or product.

 360-degree Deployment:

The platform should be deployable both on-premise and cloud environments.

Hasslefree Integration:

The solution must be capable of integrating with enterprise LOB apps and working landem with current legacy systems.


Extensive Customization:

Bots should be fully customizable according to the on-going organizational needs.

A Few Practical Use-Cases


  • Business Intelligence
  • HR task Automation
  • IT Helpdesk
  • Intranet
  • Customer Service

How to get started?

  • Identify profitable use cases within your enterprise.
  • Establish a Bot Strategy.
  • Run pilot programs for multiple use cases.
  • Experiment with different platforms and review them on different parameters.


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How ChatBots and VoiceFirst Technologies Helping HR Industry

Chatbots are rapidly being embraced by organizations to fulfill time-consuming or repetitive administrative tasks. According to a Forrester survey, roughly “85% of customer interactions within an enterprise will be with software robots in five years’ time” and “87% of CEOs are looking to expand their AI workforce” using AI bots.

One main reason is that chatbots have the potential to reduce business costs by more than $8 billion by 2022 according to Juniper Research. The other advantage of chatbots is their flexibility as they can be used over text and messaging apps, email, and through your company’s website.

Chatbots are already making a splash in HR, especially in recruiting. Organizations such as the U.S. Army, Georgia State University, and Sutherland are already using their homegrown chatbots for their recruiting function.

Here are top 5 HR chatbots are already making an impact.

1:  JustDisco:

Formerly known as Growthbot, Disco is a slack bot which helps the team recognize one another’s big and small and quantifies that feedback to keep the company’s culture on track.

With Disco, hundreds of thousands of people have given and received recognition from 20,000 companies.Disco claims that it’s most active customers have seen an 8.6% increase in employee NPS and 4.2% reduction in voluntary employee turnover.

2: Entelo :

Entelo found that hiring the right people, fast enough, is consistently the biggest challenge faced by companies,so by using predictive algorithms, data-backed insights, and the single largest source of recruiting data, period, Entelo created a platform to help recruit faster, smarter, and better.

Entelo’s powerful search engine allows companies to hone in on best-fit talent more quickly by following the digital footprint of the candidates with social and professional information aggregated from over 50 sites across the web.


3: Officevibe:

office vibe gets a sense of the vibes in the office. It engages with the employees to get a sense of their mood & how they feel about company’s culture.

Officevibe enhances how we hear each member of our team so we can track key issues in real-time. Know how they feel through honest feedback that lets us focus less on detecting problems, and more on solving them.It’s weekly reports turn feedback into insights, giving the power to see into the team’s future, identifying its weak points, and staying one step ahead.



HireVue delivers custom assessments and helps global enterprises gain a competitive advantage in the modern talent marketplace by blending the power of artificial intelligence with the science of I-O Psychology – all built within an easy to use video interview software platform.

By combining video interviews with predictive, validated I-O science and artificial intelligence, HireVue augments human decision-making in the hiring process and delivers higher quality talent, faster.

HireVue works with over 600 customers globally, helping their industries leading with  50% faster growth, 29% less turnover, and 13% more top performers.HireVue was named among the top 10 “Most Promising Companies” in America by Forbes and is a five-time winner of “Top HR Product of the Year” by HR Executive Magazine.


5: Donut:

Donut helps new employees to know co-workers, team, company better. Donut regularly pairs up teammembers who don’t know each other well to spread trust and collaboration across the organization.



Judging by the stats and the trends observed globally, a right mix of human touch complemented by a chatbot to automate repetitive tasks is the ideal way to go about improving candidate experience as well as optimizing the recruitment process.

Bots are a powerful tool when they’re created properly. And they’re only going to get more and more powerful as time goes on. With their potential for efficiency at scale, along with the ability to learn over time, HR  chatbots can be a big boon to the whole industry.

We at Tweepforce has also built a chat and voice technologies solutions for HR industry to improve hiring by reducing substantial costs for candidates’ sourcing, engaging and human screening.

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Chatbots To Replace Mobile APPs for M-Commerce


“Bots today are revolutionizing the arena of customer interaction and making it more convenient for the users.”

Bots are able to have human-like interaction mainly because they are powered by two technologies — artificial intelligence and natural language processing — that provide human-like intelligence to the bots.

According to Gartner’s, by 2021 more than 50% of the enterprise will be spending more per Annam on bots and chatbots creation than traditional mobile app development.

Plus usage of messaging apps is on rise worldwide.

Chatbots are placed at number three in Top Social Media Trends for 2018.

 “Will Chatbots Revolutionize E-commerce?

The retail industry has always been interested in the latest technologies from the cost-control perspective. With over 3 billion active users on messaging platforms worldwide, it is too big an opportunity to miss. Both the economic and technological environments are not only ready for this transition but encourage it. The fast development of AI and machine learning is supporting the idea of an intelligent agent that’s available 24/7, with no mood changes or HR-related issues.

Rules of Chatbot Development for E-commerce

Once the novelty effect wears out, customers start paying attention to how helpful the chatbot is, and this is where its underlying logic should serve the purpose as accurate as possible. Excellent bots are user-centric, intelligent and accommodating of the latest UX principles. If necessary, they even adapt to local markets by using geo-targeting.”  Sophia Brooke


  • Businesses will have more opportunities in engaging with consumers using chatbots on private messenger services such as Facebook Messanger, twitter DM, Alexa Skills etc
  • Chatbots will be a scalable form of customer service at a low cost.
  • Over the time, bots will be integrated with voice commands as well as text.
  • Chatbots will redefine the way consumers receive information and take action.
  • Chatbots will change the experience of online sales, product discovery and recommendation i.e. will become main channel for M-Commerce.

Showcase and Learning from Retail Chatbot Live Example

Live experience suggests that #Chatbots for #retails industry need the human touch to converse with consumers than enabling them to check stock and best deals!!